CRISTAL Pro® is an advanced version of the CRISTAL® device that includes all of the well-known benefits of cryolipolysis. The CRISTAL Propowerful ®'s cooling system achieves skin temperatures as low as -12 °C and can be used with up to four applicators simultaneously. For the first time, the revolutionary 2-zone control allows for simultaneous treatment of the body and facial area with different parameters. The integrated ultrasound system for precise measurement of subcutaneous fatty tissue perfects the latest generation cryolipolysis device.


. Eight (8) different body and face applicators

. Use of up to four applicators at the same time

. Control in two zones

. Integrated ultrasound for fatty tissue measurement

. A patented cooling system with a cooling temperature of -12 °C is available.

. Maximum patient protection

. Cold protection cloths are designed specifically for the Cristal Pro® to ensure maximum safety.

. Class IIa medical device (93/42 EEC) made and designed in France.


VIORA Skin tightening

Viora's proprietary CORETMTechnology (V-ST handpiece) with multi-RF channels encourages collagen production through fibroblast stimulation and helps to reduce loose skin by effectively and safely treating the symptoms. Its techniques produce quantifiable results, most notably the appearance of firmer, tighter skin. Viora's treatments are suitable for use on any part of the body, including the face, jowls, cheeks, and forehead, as well as sensitive areas around the eyes, neck, and décolleté.

Viora's InfusionTM Electroporation system with IonwaveTM Technology nourishes the skin with peptides, essential vitamins, and extracts, supplying the building blocks for forming connective tissue that holds the skin tight.

Please review the ReFit treatment for Viora's proprietary treatment protocol aimed at the body's skin tightening capabilities following massive weight loss.

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